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11/9/2019 · As the speed of the song grows you’ll find yourself in the middle of a true face dance pulling funny faces as if you were Jim Carrey. From there on, try to beat your own record and lead the world player classification. + Discover the pleasure of face dancing!

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29/8/2017 · Face Dance Challenge played by Reactors! Game links below! Try out the Face Dance Challenge for yourself!: http://www.facedancechallenge.co/ Join the SuperFa


17/8/2017 · 《Face Dance Challenge》剛剛上架,有玩過跳舞機(Dance Dance Evolution)的一定識玩,這個遊戲以面容鑑定(Face Detection)監察玩家面部表情,只要螢幕上出現表情圖案,玩家跟著做各種得意表情,就能Prefect過關!

17/8/2017 · #Face#Dance#Challenge#Game First game use front camera to play.This is the first experience you never try before.Totally different with every game on smartphone today. *Choose the song *Face Dancing *Video FaceDance I hope you enjoyed

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17/7/2017 · Facedance game now is online 😀 How the world experience about mobile game today? By the hands. We try something different, you play a game by your face. This is the first experience you never try before. We use the

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